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Isotherm Suriname is also an insulation specialist for your home or office building insulation. For this we have several insulation plates available as: EPS, XPS, PUR and PIR with thicknesses varying from 20 to 150 mm. Whether it's only delivery or delivery, assembly and scaffolding work, Isotherm Suriname has always a suitable offer for you!

In the tropics, roof insulation is frequently used for increasing living/comfort and saving on electricity costs. To isolate your company property or house, there are several possibilities. Expanded polystyrene EPS or XPS insulation sheets are naturally light in weight, fairly easy to handle and walkable. PUR roof insulation plates in combination with sprayed PUR in foam form is an excellent alternative to hard insulation plates, however PIR insulation plates are more fire resistant. The latter also has a higher insulation value and can be placed in a thinner form. The highest insulating capacity have Resol insulation plates, which are ideal for sloping roofs, both inside and outside.

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