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Condensation is the phase transition from gas or steam form to liquid, and is the opposite of evaporation. When warm, damp air cools to below the dew point, the steam will condense in the air. Warm air can contain a larger amount of steam than cold air. During condensation of moisture from the air, heat is released, which is equal to the inverse of the evaporation heat.

With a wide choice for different applications, the Armacell flexible elastomer products, are extremely suitable to prevent condensation of installations. Through calculation programmes it is easy to calculate which thickness should be used to get no condensation.

Pir-Plus or the high quality Insul-Phen are also perfectly usable for anti-condensation insulation on refrigeration and cooling systems. Besides the function to prevent condensation, this solution also saves a lot of energy. It is precisely the extreme refrigeration systems such as cryogenic and LNG facilities that can provide a perfect insulation in combination with vapour barriers.

Materials supplied by us for the cold insulation are of industrial quality and are used in Breweries and the soft drinks industry, among others.

A high-quality well applied cold insulation requires great skill, the Isotherm-Suriname insulators have the necessary experience and expertise whereby a condensation-free and damp proof insulation can be guaranteed.

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