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Fire occurs when oxygen, ignition energy and flammable material are present. The ignition energy is usually the cause of fire. The flammable material is the only controllable factor. After all, no fire can occur without flammable material.

Rockwool and Isover Ultimate wool achieve the best insulation results and are therefore very suitable for fireproofing technical installations and systems. Both manufacturers have an extensive range for A-30 and A-60 systems in shipping and also form the basis for fire resistant compartmentalisation in buildings. Due to the A1 fire classification, mineral wool can be used at all the installations in the buildings.

For cold installations the Armaflex Ultima meets the appropriate fire requirements (B-S2-D0). The Pir-Plus product (C-S2-D0) in usable in most areas of a building. Insul-Phen (B-S1-DO) can be even used in escape routes.

Isotherm-Suriname n.v. supplies a wide range of insulation materials that meet all the requirements of the local fire brigade. The maximum temperature and fire retardancy are important starting points in this. We will gladly give you appropriate advice based on the local fire brigade requirements and our experience in that field.

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